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How to Use Puppeteer in Node.js (with Examples)

Puppeteer is a powerful Node.js library that allows you to control the browser programmatically. In this article, we will explore how to use Puppeteer, along with some practical examples like taking website screenshots, saving HTML content to PDF, and downloading images from a website.

Pyppeteer: How To Use Puppeteer in Python (Installation Guide and Examples)

Puppeteer is developed for Node.js but you can also use it to automate Chrome/Chromium in Python with Pyppeteer. We'll show you how in this article, with examples like taking screenshots, downloading images, and extracting data from a web page.

6 Pro Tips for Optimizing Web Automation Using Puppeteer

Using Puppeteer to automate web browser-related tasks is a great way to speed up your work as a developer. In this article, we have listed six tips that will help you optimize them.

How to Compare Puppeteer Screenshots Using ImageMagick

Puppeteer is a great tool for automatically capturing website screenshots, but it lacks other image manipulation capabilities. In this tutorial, learn how to use ImageMagick's comparison feature to identify differences between Puppeteer screenshots.

How to Make a Custom Open Graph Image Using Puppeteer

Make use of Puppeteer’s screenshot functionality and create an Open Graph image generator to show custom social sharing images on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

How to Run Puppeteer with Firefox Instead of Chrome

In this article, we will show you how to run Puppeteer with Firefox and some project ideas you can do with Puppeteer.

How to Take Screenshots with Puppeteer

This article will show you examples of using Puppeteer to take simple screenshots, full-page screenshots, multiple screenshots and screenshots of a particular HTML element.

How to Make a PDF from HTML with Node.js and Puppeteer

In this tutorial, we are using two methods to convert HTML into PDF with Node.js and Puppeteer.

How to Convert HTML into PDF with Node.Js and Puppeteer

In this tutorial, we are using two methods to convert HTML into PDF with Node.js and Puppeteer.

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