Add Watermarks to Videos with Zapier

Use the Bannerbear Zapier integration to add watermarks to videos in your zaps

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With the Bannerbear Zapier integration you can quickly set up a zap to add watermarks to videos in just a few clicks, no coding required.

Simply set up a template, connect Bannerbear to your Zapier account and create a zap that sends image and text data to Bannerbear.

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Bannerbear is the Complete Toolkit for
Automated Media Generation

Bannerbear is an end to end solution for automated image and video generation with template management, REST API, integrations — and much more 🐻

Demo Apps

Try some simple demo apps to see what can be built with the Bannerbear API

Auto generate an Instagram-size visual from a Tweet url in this Bannerbear tech demo

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Auto generate social preview images for your Github repo in this Bannerbear tech demo

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