Our Mission is to
Automate the Impossible
Bannerbear is a technology company that builds APIs for image / video generation and processing. Businesses of all sizes — from new startups to public companies use our industry-leading software to automate and scale their marketing operations.
100,000,000+ Images generated by Bannerbear

Meet the Team

We are headquartered in Singapore, but we're a 100% remote team spread across the world.
We get our work done using tools like Zoom, Slack and Google Workspace.

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Jon Founder
Joined January 2020
Rayon Support
Joined October 2021
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Jeffrey Support
Joined October 2021
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Nia Design
Joined March 2022
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Josephine Marketing
Joined June 2022
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Julianne Marketing
Joined June 2022
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Dhea PA
Joined July 2022