Bannerbear Developer Tutorials

Learn how to use Bannerbear SDKs and related tools / APIs

Developer Libraries

In addition to the REST API Bannerbear offers official libraries for easy interaction

FFmpeg 101: Top 10 Command Options You Need to Know (with Examples)

FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to edit media files programatically. With hundreds of command options available, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. In this article, we’ll go through 10 essential FFmpeg options you should know.

How to Create an Image Slider in HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Many JavaScript image slider libraries are available but which is the best for your project? Instead of using an external library, let's create one from scratch using simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

6 Pro Tips for Optimizing Web Automation Using Puppeteer

Using Puppeteer to automate web browser-related tasks is a great way to speed up your work as a developer. In this article, we have listed six tips that will help you optimize them.

How to Make GIFs from Images Using FFmpeg

As the platform with the largest GIF database, GIPHY has a built-in tool that helps users to create these animated images. However, the features offered are limited. In this tutorial, learn how to make GIFs from a collection of images, that GIPHY’s tool is incapable of creating.

How to Compare Puppeteer Screenshots Using ImageMagick

Puppeteer is a great tool for automatically capturing website screenshots, but it lacks other image manipulation capabilities. In this tutorial, learn how to use ImageMagick's comparison feature to identify differences between Puppeteer screenshots.

How to Use to Test Webhooks

From sending out automated emails to triggering backend processes, webhooks can help to streamline various workflows. In this article, let's see some webhook examples and how to use to test webhooks.