Bannerbear Developer Tutorials

Learn how to use Bannerbear SDKs and related tools / APIs

Developer Libraries

In addition to the REST API Bannerbear offers official libraries for easy interaction

8 Free Text-to-Image AI Generator to Try in 2024

If you’re looking for a cost-effective text-to-image AI generator in 2024 for creating images for social media, blogs, e-commerce, or other purposes, consider these eight free options.

How to Use Whisper API to Transcribe Videos (Python Tutorial)

Let's learn how to transcribe video to text using Whisper API, a speech-to-text AI offered by OpenAI.

How to Use Bing Image Creator: A Beginner's Guide to Bing’s AI Image Generator

Microsoft Bing Image Creator helps you create unique images based on text prompts using DALL·E. It is also built into Microsoft Copilot/Bing Chat, making it convenient to generate AI images directly within the chat window. Let's learn how to use it in this article.

How to Center an Image in HTML and CSS

Designing a visually appealing website often involves the challenge of properly aligning and centering images. In this guide, we’ll explore three different techniques for centering images in HTML and CSS: Flexbox, Grid, and traditional methods.

How to Trim a Video Using FFMpeg

Trimming video is a common task in video editing and it is crucial to include this feature in a video editing tool. Learn how to use FFmpeg to trim videos using the ‘trim’ filter, -ss, and -sseof options in this article.

How to Make Instagram's Boomerang Effect with FFmpeg

Instagram's Boomerang effect can add an interesting twist to videos. Learn how to create and offer this fun feature to your users using FFmpeg.