A list of Bannerbear product updates by date

  • Textbox Secondary Style options now include font family and weight
  • Video API page added to marketing site
  • Special effects for image containers added to editor: blur, grayscale, gameboy
  • Forms integration added for Video API
  • Fix for videos recorded on phones with rotation data
  • Dashboard UI update
  • Transparency option added to Airtable integration
  • Video quota added to free trial
  • Video API v1 is now live
  • Developer and Marketer plan limits increased
  • Updated Tweetagram demo to 2.0
  • Added "Anchor to…" feature in Template Editor (currently only on Image objects)
  • Added {hide: true} property to the modifications API
  • Added Star Rating object in template editor
  • Added Auto Fit Text setting in template editor
  • Added Forms integration for Template Sets
  • Added more Forms settings to enable default data, dropdowns
  • Added CSV data export

This is where the changelog starts but actually at this point Bannerbear has already been around for about 8 months! So this entry is not a changelog but just a highlights list of some of the main feature updates before this date.

  • Added Template Set feature (one API request → multiple images)
  • Added Bar Chart object in Editor
  • Added Signed URL integration
  • Added Crawlers integration
  • Added Emoji support
  • Added Secondary Text styles in Editor
  • Added API Endpoint for Airtable Import
  • Added text Auto Fit feature
  • Added Airtable integration

End of Changelog