A list of Bannerbear product updates by date

24 January 2024

30 July 2023

  • API: Sessions
  • API: Projects
  • API: Signed Bases
  • Master API key feature
  • DPI can be set at the Project level
  • Version locking for signed and simple URLS
  • Template listing now has an optional grid style view
  • Optional Open AI Whisper engine for voice transcribing
  • HEIC support
  • Custom S3 Bucket now supports Video media

08 August 2022

  • API: Added timestamp support for the Video API
  • API: Rasterize PDF API
  • API: Join PDF API
  • API: Target template versions via API
  • API: Register project webhooks via PI
  • API: Added an extended JSON response for templates
  • API: Screenshot API now has language attribute
  • Videos: Added a Ken Burns video effect (see zoom_factor)
  • Images: More layer attributes modifiable via API
  • Editor: Ability to duplicate template set
  • Editor: Batch template actions
  • Editor: Added a truncate text option for text boxes
  • Editor: Ability to add optional layer descriptions
  • Integrations: update to Zapier / Integromat integrations enabling modification of all layer attributes

17 December 2021

27 September 2021

  • API: can now render PDFs in addition to images

23 September 2021

  • Images: can now set Custom Compression Level for JPG output
  • API: can now set gradients for shape objects
  • Videos: can now set a custom size and position for video container

24 August 2021

  • Editor: New Uppercase, Italic options for text boxes
  • Templates: View historical changes with restore feature
  • Forms: Added an Embed feature to copy-paste forms to your site
  • Forms: Collections (multiple images) now have a Download Zip feature
  • Dashboard: New Playground tool

14 July 2021

  • Editor: All new editor launched, with various updated features
  • Editor: Larger canvases now possible
  • Editor: Added optional AI face detect to image containers
  • Editor: Added 1000+ fonts
  • Dashboard: Added optional Two Factor Authentication
  • API: added new /movies endpoint to join video clips together
  • API: added create_gif_preview parameter to /videos
  • Zapier: updated integration
  • Integromat: updated integration

28 April 2021

15 March 2021

  • Editor: Image containers now have a Smart Crop setting
  • Video: Transcription layers can now have word highlighting
  • Integromat integration launched

02 March 2021

  • Videos: can now add animated layers to videos
  • Videos: new blur effect
  • Animated Gifs: are now better quality
  • Animated Gifs: can set number of loops
  • Editor: can set templates as editable by other team members
  • Editor: can save without exiting editor

16 February 2021

  • New Line Chart template object
  • Rendering engine improvements to handle up to 100 layers

01 February 2021

  • You can group layers in the template editor for ease of moving multiple objects
  • Animated Gifs now have a {loop: false} flag if you want to prevent looping
  • Animated Gifs now have a {frame_durations} property that allows setting frame lengths on a per-frame basis

19 January 2021

  • API enhancement: Change the font_family of text boxes
  • Project Advanced Settings: add webhooks to be notified of template changes
  • Template Settings: add tags for organization inside your app

05 January 2021

  • New Screenshots API endpoint
  • New API enhancement: Change the Anchor X/Y of Image Containers

15 December 2020

  • Faster image generation via signed urls and query string urls
  • On-demand (synchronous) is now the default option for signed urls
  • New animated gifs API endpoint

30 November 2020

  • New "Query String" integration for simple on-demand image generation
  • New demo tool - Github Social Preview Image Generator Tool

13 November 2020

  • Signed URLs now have an "on demand" option for synchronous image generation
  • Airtable integration added to Template Sets
  • Sepia effect added to image container effects

27 October 2020

  • Team management now features standard and extended permissions
  • Extended permissions allow team members to use integrations
  • New QR Code object in template editor

19 October 2020

  • Textbox Secondary Style options now include font family and weight
  • Video API page added to marketing site

12 October 2020

  • Special effects for image containers added to editor: blur, grayscale, gameboy
  • Forms integration added for Video API
  • Fix for videos recorded on phones with rotation data
  • Dashboard UI update
  • Transparency option added to Airtable integration
  • Video quota added to free trial

24 September 2020

  • Video API v1 is now live
  • Developer and Marketer plan limits increased

07 September 2020

  • Updated Tweetagram demo to 2.0
  • Added "Anchor to…" feature in Template Editor (currently only on Image objects)

01 September 2020

  • Added {hide: true} property to the modifications API

31 August 2020

  • Added Star Rating object in template editor
  • Added Auto Fit Text setting in template editor

27 August 2020

  • Added Forms integration for Template Sets
  • Added more Forms settings to enable default data, dropdowns
  • Added CSV data export

26 August 2020

  • Added Template Set feature (one API request → multiple images)
  • Added Bar Chart object in Editor
  • Added Signed URL integration
  • Added Crawlers integration
  • Added Emoji support
  • Added Secondary Text styles in Editor
  • Added API Endpoint for Airtable Import
  • Added text Auto Fit feature
  • Added Airtable integration