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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular questions about Bannerbear

What can I use Bannerbear for?
Bannerbear helps you auto-generate social media visuals, e-commerce banners, dynamic email images, and more with our API and integrations.
How long do images take to render?
Rendering time depends on the complexity of the image. Simple images will be rendered in 1-2 seconds.
Where can I find the API documentation?
The latest version of the API documentation can always be found at the API Reference site.
Can I generate images synchronously?
The Bannerbear API is primarily asynchronous but there is a synchronous endpoint for generating images if that is your preference.
Account / Billing
How does the free trial work?
You can sign up for free and use Bannerbear to generate up to 30 images via the API or any of the integrations.
How do I upgrade / downgrade my plan?
You can upgrade or downgrade at any time from your account page.
How do I cancel my plan?
You can cancel at any time from your account page.
What happens when my plan is canceled?
When a plan is canceled, any related projects, templates, and images will be deleted.
What happens if my payment fails?
After the first failed payment, we'll notify you via email and attempt the payment again over the next 14 days.
API Credits
What if I go over my API Credits limit?
It is not possible to go over your monthly image / video API credits limit. You will need to upgrade your plan if you hit this limit and need to keep using the API.
Do all API requests count against my credits?
Only POST requests use credits, this is when you are asking Bannerbear to generate something.
How many API Credits will I need?
You can use the API Calculator to estimate your monthly requirements.
Can I invite my team to collaborate with me?
You can invite a team member to your project to help you with template creation or testing the API.
Can I limit team member permissions?
You can limit team member permissions in your project settings.
Can I transfer ownership of a project?
You can transfer the ownership to an existing project member.
Template Editor
What is a template?
Templates are reusable designs that you create in the Bannerbear Template Editor. You can list a project's templates via the API.
Can I use custom fonts?
You can upload any OTF, WOFF, or WOFF2 web safe font to Bannerbear, which will then become available in your Template Editor.
How many templates can I create?
There is no limit on the number of templates you can create. Have fun!
Is there a maximum size limit?
The current max template size is 5000x5000.
Does Bannerbear work with Chinese, Arabic, Thai (and other languages)?
Bannerbear works with all languages, as long as you are using a font that is compatible with your language / writing system.
Stripe Climate Partner
1% of your Bannerbear purchase will contribute to removing CO₂ from the atmosphere

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