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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the API documentation?
The latest version of the API documentation can always be found at
Where do I get my API Key?
Each project has a different API Key which you can find inside your project under Settings / API Key
Why does the API respond with Unauthorized: Invalid API Key?

The API expects you to send an HTTP Header with every request in this format:

AuthorizationBearer Project_API_Key

Make note of the word "Bearer" which should appear before your Project API Key

How long do images take to render?
Rendering time depends on the complexity of the image. Simple images will be rendered in 1-2 seconds. Images that pull in external images, custom fonts etc will take longer - around 5-6 seconds.
The image urls I'm sending to Bannerbear via API don't seem to be loading...

If you are sure the image urls are correct then it is possible the server that the images are located at may be blocking Bannerbear from viewing the images. If you are with Cloudflare or another CDN provider you can whitelist the domain to stop your server from blocking Bannerbear requests. Alternatively, you can use Bannerbear's built-in Image Proxy feature to fix this problem, which is found in your project's Advanced Settings:

Can I send emoji to the API?
Yes, Bannerbear will render emoji! 🐻
Can I connect Airtable to multiple Bannerbear templates?
Yes you can, users often need to use the same Airtable data to generate different size images or push to different template designs. Learn more here
How do I know what values to type in the crawler selector fields?
The Crawler uses standard CSS selectors to define where Bannerbear pulls data from e.g. #my_title or .my_text. Here's a handy list of common CSS selectors. To find the right selector for pages you are crawling you will either need to inspect the page's source code or you can try using a plugin such as Copy CSS Selector
Can I invite people to collaborate with me on Bannerbear?
You can invite a team member to your project to help you with template design, or you can have a designer create templates in their own (free) account and then add the templates to your account - more info on this topic here: Working with a Designer
Template Editor
What is the difference between Image and Image Rectangle?
The Image object is for static images that you don't need to manipulate later in the API. This is useful for logos or branding that you want to keep the same in all of the generated images. Image Rectangle and Image Circle are for creating image containers that you want to be able to change later via the API.
What is the difference between Fit and Fill?
The Fit setting will resize an image to fit within the bounds of its container with no cropping. The Fill setting will expand an image to fill the whole container, which may result in some cropping depending on the dimensions of your container and the image you send into it. Generally-speaking, Fit is best for logos and Fill is best for photography.
Can I use my own custom fonts?
Yes you can! You can upload WOFF and OTF fonts to use in the template editor. Read more about Bannerbear custom fonts here.
Why is there a maximum size limit? Can I increase this?
The larger your canvas, the more CPU it requires when Bannerbear generates images. The size limit is there to ensure reliability of the platform. That said, we do understand some users have specific needs that require large canvases, if that's the case for you, please get in touch :)
How does the free trial work?
You can sign up for free and use Bannerbear to generate up to 30 images via the API or any of the integrations.
What happens if I hit the limit of my free trial?
You will receive a notification email when you reach 85% of your free trial. If you hit the limit your API / integrations will stop working and you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using Bannerbear.
Do all API requests count against my quota?
Only POST requests count against the quota - this is where you are asking Bannerbear to do something. All other GET requests where you are querying information are not counted against your quota.
What happens if I hit the limit of my paid plan?
You will receive a notification email when you reach 85% of your paid plan quota. If you hit the limit your API / integrations will stop working and you will need to upgrade to the next tier. Alternatively you can leave your account at the limit and wait until the quota resets at your next billing cycle.
How do I cancel my paid plan?
You can cancel at any time in one click, from My Account. Kindly note that your quota will be reduced immediately to a trial quota after canceling.
How do I delete my account?
You can delete your account at any time in one click, from My Account. Kindly note that your data will be deleted and you will not be able to log in anymore after deleting your account. This action cannot be undone.