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    Can I limit team member permissions?

    You can limit team member permissions in your settings.

    1. Head to your project → Settings / API Key
    2. Manage Team Members
    3. Click on the team member's drop-down menu (...)
    4. Toggle Extended Permissions

    Note: Your team members can only edit templates where the Team Edit setting is enabled.

    How it Works

    Standard Permissions members can:
    • Create and edit Templates
    • Create and edit Template Sets
    • Create and edit Video Templates
    Extended Permissions members can:
    • Send API requests in the API Console
    • Access all integrations e.g. Forms, Signed URLs
    • View project API keys
    You (admin) can:
    • Edit / delete any member content
    • Revoke member access at any time
    Members cannot:
    • Delete content
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