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    What is a template?

    Templates are reusable designs that you can create in the Bannerbear Template Editor. You can either create one from scratch or pick one from our template library ↗ (and modify it as needed).

    Your templates may contain a number of dynamic objects that allow you to modify your images with the API or any other of our integrated tools. This allows you to save time by using the API to generate multiple images with your templates as a base. 

    These dynamic objects may include:

    Text boxes that you can populate with different text.

    Image placeholders that you can replace with different images.

    Simple shapes (rectangles & circles) that you can modify with solid colors or gradients.

    Special Objects such as Bar Codes, QR Codes, Bar Charts, Line Charts, and Star Ratings.

    Note: You can list a project's templates via the API ↗.

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