How do I create a video with subtitles?

The Bannerbear Video API features auto speech transcription which makes it super fast to create videos featuring your own custom branding, with embedded auto-generated subtitles.

  1. Create a template with a text container for your subtitles
  2. Head to your project and click Create Video Template under Video Templates
  3. Select the Template base you created and pick Transcribe from the drop-down menu
  4. Click Save Video Template
  5. The next page will provide some Transcription settings to modify to your preference
    • Transcription Engine - you can use Google Transcribe Engine or OpenAI Whisper
    • Video frame word limit (Google only) - you can change this to your liking and it will affect how Bannerbear splits up the text into different frames.
    • Transcription layer - the text layer of this template in which to display the audio transcription

You can now use this template to create a video with auto-transcribed subtitles.

Check out Create Videos with Audio Subtitles ↗ for more information on this.

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