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How to Embed a Bannerbear Template Editor on Your Website to Generate Images Automatically

The Sessions API is now available on Bannerbear! Use it to generate a Bannerbear template editor URL and embed it on your platform to allow template customization by your users.

8 Artificial Intelligence Image and Video Generators Built Using Stable Diffusion to Try Out

AI-generated content has been the talk of the town. With the release of Stable Diffusion, we are seeing more projects on AI-generated image and here are eight of them that you can't miss out.

How to Create a Dynamic Twitter Banner with an Event Countdown in Node.js (Updated Automatically)

Automate the countdown to the day of an important event using the Bannerbear and Twitter APIs.

How to Add Auto-Generated Custom Open Graph Images to Ghost Using Bannerbear

Self-hosted CMS gives technical users more control and flexibility over the performance and appearance of their websites. In this tutorial, let's learn how to add dynamically generated Open Graph images automatically to a self-hosted Ghost website.

How to Add Auto-Generated Custom Open Graph Images to Shopify Using Bannerbear

Set up custom Open Graph image auto-generation for Shopify stores to display product information dynamically on them on social media.

How to Crop and Resize Videos Using FFmpeg

Crop or resize videos into any dimension and remove black borders without watermark for free using FFmpeg "crop" filter.

How to Add Auto-Generated Custom Open Graph Images to Squarespace Using Bannerbear

Use custom Open Graph images generated automatically from your posts to bring more traffic to your Squarespace website.

How to Add Auto-Generated Custom Open Graph Images to Wix Using Bannerbear

Increase brand awareness and stand out among other competitors on social media using unique Open Graph images that can be generated dynamically.

5 Ways to Make an HTTP Request in Javascript

There are several ways to make an HTTP request using Javascript depending on the requirements of your application. This article covers some of most popular ways.

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