5 Ways to Supercharge Your Podcast Marketing with Bannerbear

Podcast marketing doesn't have to be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Learn five ways to automate image and video asset generation with Bannerbear.
by Julianne Youngberg ·


    Podcast marketing is essential, but it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Having exciting topics and engaging guests isn’t enough—you need to get the word out about your podcast or risk your voice being lost in the avalanche of shows available today.

    Fortunately, automation tools are available to help streamline marketing efforts and reach your target audience. Using them to transform your current processes can help you make better use of your resources while expanding your listener base.

    The best tasks to automate are those that:

    • Are predictable and repetitive
    • Follow a clearly defined set of logical rules
    • Involve a quick, simple decision

    And you’ll find that many marketing tasks meet all three conditions.

    Bannerbear's image and video generation APIs can be integrated into your workflows to create and distribute marketing assets, among other things. And in this article, we discuss a few easy ways to use Bannerbear and other automated tools to supercharge your podcast marketing—without any code!

    Using Technology to Streamline Your Podcast Marketing Efforts

    Automation tools can lighten the load of repetitive tasks, allowing solopreneurs, hobbyists, and production studios to focus their manpower on creating more engaging content.

    Let’s go over a few ways you can use Bannerbear to automate your podcast’s marketing tasks.

    1 - Generate episode cover art

    Your podcast cover art has to be both striking and recognizable. It should be an iconic design that viewers can easily associate with your show.

    You don’t have to design new cover art for every episode; following a template is recommended because it will create consistency. Automated tools can help streamline this process.

    Bannerbear can be used to generate cover art, feed posts, and all sorts of other assets following a template. We even have pre-built templates you can start with:

    Bannerbear Red Blue Yellow Podcast Instagram Feed Post template Bannerbear Red Yellow With Image Podcast Instagram Feed Post template

    You don’t have to produce a cover art for a single size, either. A template set allows you to push the same data to multiple templates and generate images in a variety of sizes for different platforms.

    If you currently use a database or knowledge base app like Airtable or Notion to plan and organize, you can use Zapier to set up a simple workflow that automatically generates cover art for each confirmed episode.

    Bear Tip 🐻: While the use case is slightly different, the principles remain the same. Read this article to learn how to use Airtable, Bannerbear, and Zapier to automatically generate event cover photos every time an activity is confirmed.

    2 - Produce short-form videos for social

    Mobile use is growing in popularity every day, and short-form video is growing alongside it. But with each platform having its own recommendations and so many marketing tasks to juggle, it’s easy for video to fall through the cracks.

    Don’t let this distribution channel go to waste. With a few curated tools and carefully curated automation workflows, you can produce short-form video ready for publishing in no time at all.

    Just pick out a few key moments for snippets, a short conversation here and there, and perhaps an interesting anecdote that could grab viewers attention. Put them into a spreadsheet or knowledge base, then connect it to an automated task that generates social-ready clips!

    Bear Tip 🐻: Castmagic is a great tool that uses AI to turn long-form audio into post-production assets. You can use it to prep cleaned transcripts, show notes, and social content of all kinds—ready to pop into a Bannerbear template to produce images and videos!

    A few tips for your video-generation workflows:

    Even if you’d prefer to have some manual intervention in the process, automation can take the bulk of the work off of your hands and enable a regular social posting schedule.

    3 - Auto-update Twitter banners

    Twitter banners are an underrated way to make use of your brand’s digital real estate. If you have a presence on the app, it’s worth using the space to advertise new episodes, highlight quotes, and encourage visitors to listen in.

    Again, you don’t need to design a brand new cover for every episode—an eye-catching template can make sure all the necessary information is there and still align with your brand’s visual identity.

    You can start off with one of our templates:

    Bannerbear Red Blue News with Image Twitter Banner template Bannerbear Red Blue Yellow Podcast Twitter Banner template Bannerbear Blue Purple Gradient Podcast Twitter Banner template

    Here are a few ideas for making your Twitter banners even more effective:

    • Include auto-generated QR codes that lead directly to the episode
    • Count down to show premieres or big episode releases
    • Showcase special guests on the banner

    Bear Tip 🐻: Another slightly different use case but similar method of application—learn how to auto-update your Twitter banner in this article!

    4 - Streamline guest coordination

    Guests on podcasts offer expertise and a unique twist to the dynamic, but there is another potential opportunity you may not have considered: their audience, which can be utilized as pre-qualified leads.

    Working with your guest to advertise on both of your platforms and create content that appeals to each of your individual audiences is a great way to grow both. And it doesn’t have to be as hands-on as you’d think—making sure each party has all the information and resources they need is a great start, and it’s something you can automate!

    There are several touch points you’ll have during the coordination process. The major ones will also include exchange of information. Here’s an example of how your email flow might look, along with some suggested resources you can provide:

    1. Guest invitation (Resources: Scheduling link, customized graphic)
    2. Recording confirmation (Resources: Guest question sheet, pre-recording checklist)
    3. Recording reminder (Resources: Access link, customized countdown graphic)
    4. Post-recording gratitude (Resources: Customized thank you graphic)
    5. Live episode notification (Resources: Social sharing assets)

    We have a variety of templates for podcasts featuring guests that you can use for social sharing:

    Bannerbear Red Blue News Podcast Guesting Instagram Feed Post template Bannerbear Green Yellow Gradient Podcast Guesting Instagram Feed Post template Bannerbear Blue Purple Gradient Podcast Guesting Instagram Feed Post template

    By designing templates and building workflows that generate and distribute custom assets, you can essentially sit back and watch the magic happen. Scheduled tasks give structure to your invitation process and establish a sense of professionalism.

    Bear Tip 🐻: Tools like Mailchimp can help you automate your email marketing and distribution so guest coordination is easy!

    Depending on the industry focus and target audience of your show, LinkedIn can be a fantastic place to reach new listeners. The social media platform is largely made up of professional users and has a lot of potential in terms of thought leadership and B2B marketing.

    Aside from announcing the launch of shows and episodes, you can use LinkedIn to highlight quotes that people might find interesting. Doing this is just a matter of designing a template, compiling quotes from each episode, then having an automation prepare the assets for you.

    We have some templates to get you started:

    Bannerbear Blue Purple Gradient Podcast Quote Instagram Story template Bannerbear Blue Purple Gradient Podcast Quote Instagram Story template

    A recommended format for quote graphics on LinkedIn is the PDF. Documents are posted in a carousel format that’s easier to scroll through compared to an album. You can select a few key quotes (or use CastMagic to do it for you!) and set up an automation that generates slides, then joins them into a PDF.

    Quote carousel graphics can spark discussion in professional circles and drive traffic back to your podcast—and you don’t even need to manually design them!

    Spend Less Time Marketing Your Podcast

    Intentional marketing is key, but there’s no need to do everything manually. There are so many tools available today to simplify the process and leave your resources free for honing in on what matters most.

    Bannerbear’s capabilities let you create dynamic photos and videos in bulk. Automate much of your marketing by incorporating our tool into larger workflows and free up more time for engaging with your listeners!

    About the authorJulianne Youngberg@paradoxicaljul
    Julianne is a technical content specialist fascinated with digital tools and how they can optimize our lives. She enjoys bridging product-user gaps using the power of words.

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    5 Ways to Supercharge Your Podcast Marketing with Bannerbear
    5 Ways to Supercharge Your Podcast Marketing with Bannerbear