What are image collections and template sets?

Templates become a set when they are grouped together. Creating Template Sets allows you to push the same data (images, texts) to generate multiple images via a single API call. The resulting images are grouped into an Image Collection.

  • A Template is a reusable design created in the Template Editor.
  • A Template Set is a number of Templates grouped together.
  • An Image Collection is the resulting images created from a Template Set.

Template sets allow you to push the same data across multiple templates of different sizes, designs, or styles.

Note: If you have layers with the same name, the API will not differentiate between them, and the same data will be sent to all similarly named layers within the Template Set.

To create a Template Set:
  1. Head to your project
  2. Scroll down and click Create Template Set
  3. Choose your templates from the drop-down menu and Add to Template Set
  4. Check the API Console for the Sample Data

Learn more about this by checking our article How to Auto Generate Multiple Image Sizes at Once ↗.

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