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How I Increased my SaaS Conversion Rate by 700%

Want to transform your whole business in just a few simple steps? Well this might not do that, but it's an interesting story...

7 Lessons Growing a Bootstrapped SaaS to $50K MRR

In this blog / video I share a few tangible lessons that I have learned, specifically targeting technical founders who are bootstrapping their own ventures.

How My Startup Survived a DDoS Attack

Bannerbear was DDoSd but we survived - here's how the day went and how we ultimately mitigated the attack

3 Reasons Why I Think 50% Coding 50% Marketing is the Best Framework for Solo Tech Founders

Almost from the beginning I have employed a 50:50 split between coding and marketing for my SaaS product Bannerbear. Here's why I think it works.

7 Reasons I Chose to Bootstrap Bannerbear Instead of Raising Funding

There are many different ways to grow a company. Here's why I chose to self-fund my business, also known as bootstrapping.

5 Technical Mistakes I Made Growing a SaaS to $40K MRR

Here are some of the things I messed up on the technical side while growing my SaaS company.

1 Year of Marketing a SaaS from $10K MRR to $27K MRR

Many entrepreneurs find marketing difficult, and I'm definitely one of them 🥴. I'm a technical founder so I naturally prefer to spend my time building features, and I've certainly done a lot of that in the past year. But in this post I want to share...

The Tools I Use for The Bannerbear SaaS Marketing Site

I often get asked "what are you using for your marketing site?". So I thought I'd take the time to write about the tools and workflows I use to run this site.

1001 SaaS Product Ideas

One of the most frustrating experiences as an early stage solo technical founder is knowing you have the ability to build software, but not having an idea of what software to build. Well, here's 1001 ideas for you.

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