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Pyppeteer: How To Use Puppeteer in Python (Installation Guide and Examples)

Puppeteer is developed for Node.js but you can also use it to automate Chrome/Chromium in Python with Pyppeteer. We'll show you how in this article, with examples like taking screenshots, downloading images, and extracting data from a web page.

7 Lessons Growing a Bootstrapped SaaS to $50K MRR

In this blog / video I share a few tangible lessons that I have learned, specifically targeting technical founders who are bootstrapping their own ventures.

How to Install FFmpeg on Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu/Linux (Step-by-Step)

FFmpeg is a great tool for performing various media manipulation tasks. This guide will show you how to install it on Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu/Linux.

How to Make a T-Shirt/Merchandise Mockup Generator Using Bannerbear in Node.js

Using an image manipulation library like Jimp to overlay an image on top of another can be difficult. In this article, we'll learn how to do so easily with Bannerbear to create a product mockup generator.

How to Auto-generate Unique Video Banners with Pexels Stock Footage

Learn how to use the Pexels API and write a short script that retrieves a random relevant clip for your Bannerbear video generation workflows.

How to Visualize Cryptocurrency Updates with CoinGecko and Bannerbear (No Code)

Crypto price charts make it easy to see snapshots of key data. Here's how to automatically create dynamic charts on a schedule—without any code!

How to Use the Pexels API to Randomize Images with Bannerbear

Learn how to use the Pexels API and write a short script that retrieves a random relevant graphic for your Bannerbear image generation workflows.

How to Make a Device Mockup Generator for Websites using Bannerbear

Device mockups are a valuable tool to display website designs across multiple devices as they offer a realistic preview of a website. This tutorial demonstrates how to build a device mockup generator using Bannerbear, allowing the automatic generation of device mockups by entering a website's URL.

How to Generate News Summary Videos for Your Publishing Site

Daily summary videos can drive more readers to your news publishing site. Learn how to auto-generate them using nocode tools.

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