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How to Auto Generate Social Media Images for your Medium Stories

In this tutorial we will learn how to tweet an auto-generated image every time you publish a new blogpost on Medium.

Thank New Followers with a Customised Image Card

This tutorial will teach you how to automate a personalized greeting to new Twitter followers.

How to Automatically Generate LinkedIn Images for your Job Board

In this tutorial, you will learn how to automatically turn your job listing on Airtable into images ready for sharing on social media.

How to Auto Generate Animated Gifs with Bannerbear and Zapier

Bannerbear can create simple animated gifs that look like slideshows. This is useful for when you might want to spread visual information across multiple frames. Here's how to create simple animated gifs using Bannerbear and Zapier.

How to Automatically Turn a Tweet into a Fleet

In this tutorial we will use Zapier and Bannerbear to automatically turn tweet data into a vertical size image suitable for using on any vertical story-based platform such as Twitter Fleets or Instagram Stories.

How to Create Videos with Auto Subtitles in One API Request

The Bannerbear Video API features auto speech transcription which makes it super fast to create videos featuring your own custom branding, with embedded auto-generated subtitles.

How to Automatically Turn Your Twitter Likes Into Visuals for Social Media

Here's a neat little trick that I use to auto-generate original visual social media content with almost zero effort.

How to Auto Generate Social Media Content with Integromat and Bannerbear

Bannerbear is an image generation API. Integromat is an API automation tool. Together, you can create some nifty automations that can save you time or even fully automate your business! Here's how.

How to Automate Your Social Media Content Creation Using Airtable

I just launched a new Airtable integration for Bannerbear - in this post I'm going to show you how to use it :)

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