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How to Map Fields from an Airtable Base onto Bannerbear layers

This tutorial will show you how to pass data from your existing Airtable base, onto Bannerbear fields.

How to Create Videos with Auto Subtitles in One API Request

The Bannerbear Video API features auto speech transcription which makes it super fast to create videos featuring your own custom branding, with embedded auto-generated subtitles.

How to Create Videos with an Overlay via API

The Bannerbear Video API recently went live. Here's how to use it to create videos with an overlay effect!

How to Auto Generate Multiple Image Sizes at Once Using Bannerbear

Image Collections are a brand new feature that enable you to generate multiple images from one set of data. Here's how it works!

How to Auto Generate Pinterest Pins Using Signed URLs

In this tutorial we will learn how to use Bannerbear to auto-generate Pinterest pins each time you publish new content on your website.

How to Work with a Designer to Create Bannerbear Templates

Not a designer? Not a problem! Bannerbear features three ways you can work with a designer to help you design graphic templates for your automations or API requests.

How to use Custom Fonts with Bannerbear

One of the most popular requests from users so far has been the ability to use custom fonts. Starting from today, you can!

How to Automate Your Social Media Content Creation Using Airtable

I just launched a new Airtable integration for Bannerbear - in this post I'm going to show you how to use it :)

How to Build a Social Media Image Generation App Using Ruby on Rails

I built a couple of demos using the Bannerbear API over the last week and there has been some interest on Twitter as to how I did it. Well, here's how!

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