Open Startup

Bannerbear is was an open startup with public metrics, we now only share selected metrics

Zero to $10k MRR

How I grew Bannerbear to the first major bootstrapping milestone

$10k to $20k MRR

How I grew Bannerbear to the next milestone, into a business and beyond

$20K MRR

A congratulatory video message from Russ Hanneman, billionaire and founder of Tres Comas Tequila

Last 6 Months Performance

Signups and conversion rate to paid subscribers

How I Increased my SaaS Conversion Rate by 700%

Want to transform your whole business in just a few simple steps? Well this might not do that, but it's an interesting story...

7 Lessons Growing a Bootstrapped SaaS to $50K MRR

In this blog / video I share a few tangible lessons that I have learned, specifically targeting technical founders who are bootstrapping their own ventures.

How My Startup Survived a DDoS Attack

Bannerbear was DDoSd but we survived - here's how the day went and how we ultimately mitigated the attack

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