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Animated Gifs via API

Use the Bannerbear REST API or SDKs to auto generate animated gifs

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Animated Gifs

With the Bannerbear API it is easy to auto generate animated gifs in your app or script.

Simply send a JSON payload of text, external file urls and other attributes to our API and we do the rest. There are also official libraries in Node, Ruby and PHP to make integration even faster.

API Reference

How to Overlay Text on an Image in HTML and CSS

Learn how to overlay text on an image in HTML and CSS to create attention-grabbing images on your website.

How to Make a T-Shirt/Merchandise Mockup Generator Using Bannerbear in Node.js

Using an image manipulation library like Jimp to overlay an image on top of another can be difficult. In this article, we'll learn how to do so easily with Bannerbear to create a product mockup generator.

How to Make a Device Mockup Generator for Websites using Bannerbear

Device mockups are a valuable tool to display website designs across multiple devices as they offer a realistic preview of a website. This tutorial demonstrates how to build a device mockup generator using Bannerbear, allowing the automatic generation of device mockups by entering a website's URL.

Developer Libraries

In addition to the REST API Bannerbear offers official libraries for easy interaction

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