How do I create an animated gif in Integromat?

Sending the request

  1. Head to Integromat ↗ and hit Create a new scenario
  2. Click the plus (+) and search for "Bannerbear"
  3. Choose Create an Animated Gif from the list
  4. Under Connection, select your project from the drop-down menu or Add your project API Key
  5. Enter your Template UID or disable the map toggle and choose it from the drop-down
  6. Click Add item under Frames

    Note: The name of each item should reference the layer you wish to modify. If the layer is called "image_container_1", you must reference that exact name in Integromat and include the necessary modification for that layer i.e. the Image URL in this instance.
  7. Add items in accordance with the number of frames you want
  8. Set the FPS value to 1

  9. Enter the webhook URL (see "Handling the response" below)

  10. Click  OK when you're done and Run Once to test it.

Handling the response

  1. Create a new scenario with a Custom Webhook ↗
  2. Click Add to create a new webhook or select one from the drop-down menu
    Note: This will generate a webhook URL, which you should copy and paste into the "Webhook URL" field in the Create an Animated Gif module mentioned in the above scenario.

    When the animated gif is rendered, you'll be notified via this webhook URL, triggering the process to begin / continue to the next step.
  3. If necessary, run the Create an Animated Gif module once to help the custom webhook determine the structure of the payload it should expect. 
  4. Click OK and continue building your scenario to your preference

Alternative to Webhooks

If creating a separate scenario is a hassle, consider ditching the custom webhook for the Sleep tool, which allows you to delay the scenario flow long enough for the image rendering to complete.

Note: This may cause issues if the delay is too short, causing the scenario to continue before the animated gif has been fully rendered.

  1. Add a new module and search for Tools
  2. Select the Sleep action and enter the Delay in seconds.
  3. Click OK and continue building your scenario to your preference

For more helpful information, consider checking our Integromat blog articles ↗.

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