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The Bear Facts

Promoting your site across multiple marketing channels leads to growth

Tumblr increased traffic


By implementing open graph


FT increased engagement


With Instagram Stories


Indigo increased traffic


By marketing on Pinterest


Create Your Social Media
Marketing Assets Automatically

Get an Instant Marketing Boost

Bannerbear is a plug and play tool that helps you promote and market your website more easily.

We all know it's important to create banners and assets for your website such as open graph images, instagram stories, pinterest pins etc — but all of this takes so much time! Especially for those of us with large sites or multiple sites.

That's where Bannerbear comes in. Bannerbear saves you time and money by automatically generating those assets for you. You select a template, Bannerbear then scans your site and starts generating images!

Instagram Story 1080 x 1920
Open Graph 1200 x 630
Pinterest Pin 1000 x 1500
Google 300 x 250

Auto Generate Open Graph Images

Generate beautiful og:images from your product catalogue using your existing photos, prices, ratings, reviews and more.

Auto generate Open Graph Images for every product in your catalogue in just a few clicks. Update all your open graph images at once with seasonal icons, offers and more — in seconds.

Use Bannerbear Open Graph Images to drive more traffic to your website from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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Auto Generate Instagram Stories

Post to your feed more regularly by generating beautiful Instagram Stories from your product catalogue using your existing photos, prices, ratings, reviews and more.

Auto generate Instagram Stories for every product in your catalogue in just a few clicks.

Use Bannerbear Instagram Stories to drive more of your followers to your website, or to use in your Instagram ad campaigns.

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Auto Generate Pinterest Pins

Drive more sales and grow your brand with beautiful pins generated from your existing product catalogue.

Auto generate Pinterest Pins for every product in your catalogue in just a few clicks, incorporating product images, product name, review / rating data and more.

Use Bannerbear to fully automate the process of making eye-catching Pinterest content.

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Auto Generate Google and Facebook Ads

Create unique, ad-guideline compliant banners for your entire product catalogue in just a few clicks with Bannerbear.

Add coupon codes, offer messaging etc to all of your ad banners at once — and export seamlessly to your ad manager.

Convert more of your shop visitors with highly granular retargeting campaigns using dynamically-created ad banners that incorporate offers and ratings for products they have viewed.

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Use Bannerbear to auto-generate content for the world's most popular platforms


Instantly upgrade your social media and PPC marketing — for you or your clients

Data Driven

Bannerbear works by scanning data from your website and creating banners automatically

Fully Automated

Set your data source and Bannerbear will start automatically generating visual assets for you

Auto Resizing

Bannerbear auto-resizes fonts in your banners when you have long titles, product names etc


Change fonts, logos and colours to match your brand identity


Sync your banners to your Ad Manager, Google Drive, Mailchimp account and more

Fully Compliant

Google and Facebook Ads generated by Bannerbear comply with design guidelines

Unlimited Domains

Use Bannerbear with as many sites as you like — perfect for digital marketing managers

Unlimited Downloads

Download your files as many times as you like!

Upgrade Your Marketing Instantly

Bannerbear is a listed Shopify app so installation is as easy as a few clicks. Just add the app to your Shopify admin to get started.

Use the Free Trial to see what Bannerbear can do. When you are ready, upgrade in a single click no credit card required — payment is via your existing Shopify account.

Cancel at any time via your Shopify admin panel.

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