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How to Use One Airtable with Multiple Bannerbear Templates

Jon Yongfook · May 2020


The Bannerbear Airtable integration enables users to push data Airtable to a Bannerbear template in order to generate an image. But what if you want to push the same data to multiple templates? Here's how!

Often we want to use the same Airtable data across multiple Bannerbear templates in order to generate images with different sizes or different designs, from the same underlying data e.g.

Landscape size:

Portrait size:

This process is actually the same as connecting to a single template, but with one small extra step that can make this workflow more efficient.

Update 10/2020: Bannerbear now has a new feature called Template Sets which handles this use case.

Connect your Template Set to your Airtable

To generate images from multiple templates at once using Airtable data, simply create a template set then use the Template Set Airtable Integration to generate the images.

The method for using the airtable integration with a Template Set is the same as in this tutorial for single templates.

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