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How to Auto Generate Instagram Stories from Shopify Product Data

Jon Yongfook · April 2020


Are you working with Shopify clients? Here's a video of how you can fully automate creation of marketing assets using Zapier and Bannerbear.

What does this integration do?

Every time a Shopify store owner adds a new product, Bannerbear will generate an Instagram Story for the product using the product name, company logo and multiple product images.


I'm trying something a little different for this tutorial. I used Loom to record a screencast of me setting up this integration between Shopify + Zapier + Bannerbear.

You'll see me figure things out as I go and get a bit stuck in the middle! This isn't a rehearsed tutorial, this is me having the idea of connecting Shopify with Bannerbear, feeling like it should be possible and just giving it a try :)

It took around 30 minutes to set up, but after that it's fully automated and you can just let the zap auto-generate Instagram assets!

Watch the screencast on Loom

Apologies that the sound is not of the highest quality - I'll try to improve that for the next screencast.

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