What is group auto vertical align?

This is an advanced feature that applies only to groups. This feature automatically centers your grouped items vertically in your canvas. If your group contains objects with a variable amount of text, you can use this flag to always keep the group in the center of the template.

Auto Center Vertically is best for when you have a group of items, including a variable amount of text, and you want them to always appear centered vertically with even margins above and below:

Note: Any adjustments made to a group's vertical position will be ignored if this is enabled. You may also notice your layer elements moving across your canvas when added to a group. This is expected behavior and happens because your elements are being auto-aligned to the vertical center of your canvas. It's best to disable this feature to prevent this from happening. 

To do this:

  1. Click the group layer
  2. Select On in the Auto Center Vertically drop-down menu on the right

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