How to join multiple Bannerbear pdfs into a single pdf file via Zapier

You can use the Bannerbear Action in Zapier to join your PDFs into a single PDF file. This works synchronously, and you can either use this on a new workflow or add as another step in your existing workflows.

  1. Head to Zapier ↗ and hit Create Zap 
  2. Choose your Zap trigger
  3. Add a new action and select Join PDF Files
  4. Choose your Bannerbear account or enter your Project API key
  5. Under PDF Inputs, enter each PDF URL on separate lines
  6. Test the action and review the output
  7. From here, you can add another step to handle the output

You may also do this with an API call. Check this link to learn more: How do I create multiple-page pdfs?

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