Can I connect Bannerbear to my own cloud storage?

Yes, you can. On the Enterprise tier plans, you can connect your own S3 bucket. This bucket will then be used instead of the Bannerbear default CDN for the following:

  • Images, including PDF
  • Videos, including video thumbnail and preview GIF

To activate this feature, go to your Project and navigate to:

Settings Advanced →  > Custom S3 Settings

You will need to provide the following:

  • Your S3 bucket region
  • Your S3 bucket name
  • IAM API credentials to access this bucket

When connecting your bucket, ensure that you set the Object Ownership to ACLs enabled.


It is highly recommended that you create a new IAM user with very limited permissions, for this purpose. The only permissions the user needs are putObject and putObjectAcl on the specific bucket that you intend to use. Here is a sample policy you can use as reference ↗.

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