What are secondary styles?

Secondary Styles allow you to set a separate style to highlight text by using asterisks. In the example below, a secondary style was applied to the asterisked text.

"This is some *sample* text."


To achieve this:
  1. Select your text object → scroll down to Secondary Styles
  2. Modify the text style to your preference
  3. Enclose the text you wish to highlight in asterisks (*example*)

Secondary Styles can be modified in your API requests using the following paramaters:

  • color_2
    Color hex of asterisked text e.g. {"color_2": "#FF0000"}
  • font_family_2
    Change the font of asterisked text e.g. {"font_family": "Nanum Gothic"}

This feature works with subtitled or transcribed videos. Click here to learn more.

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