What are logs?

Your Logs on Bannerbear allow you to view your API Response history. You can review all your past Images, Videos, Collections, Animated GIFs, Screenshots, and Movies here. 

Logs are organized by type so you can view them accordingly. Click on the drop-down button beside Log Type to change the category.

Some important aspects of the logs include:

  • API Credits - This is the credit cost to generate the image
  • ID - The unique ID (uid) assigned to the image
  • Status - Indicates if the rendering was Completed, Failed, or Pending
  • Message - Only appears when the status is Failed and provides a brief note
  • Response body - Provides the data payload returned by the Bannerbear API 

This is especially useful for diagnosing issues should you get an unexpected result from your request. If you'd like some help diagnosing an issue with your response, feel free to send our customer support ↗ a message with a link to your log by clicking the COPY button.

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