What are API credits?

Bannerbear uses an API credit system to record usage. Your credit quota will vary depending on your plan. Credits are used when something is generated. 1 image = 1 credit.

Other types of media such as PDFs and videos use more credits. You can check the logs section on Bannerbear to see more details about your credit usage.

Type Description Cost in Credits
Image image up to 3000x3000 in resolution 1
Screenshot screenshot of a website 1
Image + Face Detect image using the face detect feature 2
Hires Image image over 3000x3000 in resolution 3
PDF image rendered as a PDF 3
Animated Gif a slideshow of images 1 credit per frame
Video video with overlay(s) depends on length*
Movie video clips resampled and joined with transitions depends on length*

Video credit usage: (overlay frames) + (1 credit per 5 seconds of processing)
For example, a 10 second video with 1 overlay would cost: 2 + 1 = 3 credits

Note: Your API credit limit and your bandwidth limit are independent. If you hit your bandwidth limit, you won't be prevented from generating images, but you may incur overage charges. Check out What if I go over my limit? for details on what happens should you hit your bandwidth limit.

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