How do I create a movie via Zapier?

Sending the request

  1. Head to Zapier ↗ and hit Create Zap 
  2. Choose your Zap trigger
  3. Add a new action and select Create Movie
  4. Choose your Bannerbear account or enter your Project API key
  5. Enter the movie object Width and Height
  6. The Soundtrack URL and Transition settings are optional
    • Transition - determines the transitional effect when moving between clips
    • Soundtrack URL - will overlay the entire movie (if it's long enough)
  7. Choose the Number of Clips to Join from the drop-down menu
  8. Modify each clip with the necessary info

    Note: The Asset URL can be either a video or static image URL.
  9. Test the action, review it, and continue if you're happy

Handling the response

Movies generally take a little while to render, which means it's not possible to return the Movie in the same zap that you started them in. This calls for a second zap to "receive" them.

  1. Create a new Zap with the New Movie trigger event (This is an instant event that triggers when a new Movie is 100% rendered)
  2. Choose your Bannerbear account
  3. Test the trigger and continue building your zap to your preference

Alternative to new zap

If you don't want to create a new zap, you could try using a delay ↗ after the request to Create Movie. This will give the movie some time to render before the zap continues.

Note: This is generally not recommended because if the delay is too short, it may cause the zap to continue before the animated gif has been fully rendered.

  1. Add a new action
  2. Search for and select Delay by Zapier
  3. Choose Delay For from the Action Event drop-down menu
  4. Enter the time delay value

    Note: Minimum time is 1 minute
  5. Choose the time delay unit (minutes, hours, days, weeks)
  6. Test the trigger and continue building your zap to your preference
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