How do I create a movie via Zapier?

Sending the request

  1. Head to Zapier ↗ and hit Create Zap 
  2. Choose your Zap trigger
  3. Add a new action and select Create Movie
  4. Choose your Bannerbear account or enter your Project API key ↗
  5. Enter the movie object Width and Height
  6. The Soundtrack URL and Transition settings are optional
    • Transition - determines the transitional effect when moving between clips
    • Soundtrack URL - will overlay the entire movie (if it's long enough)
  7. Choose the Number of Clips to Join from the drop-down menu
  8. Modify each clip with the necessary info
    Note: The Asset URL can be either a video or static image URL.
  9. Test the action, review it, and continue if you're happy

Handling the response

Movies generally take a little while to render, which means it's not possible to return the Movie in the same zap that you started them in. This calls for a second zap to "receive" them.

  1. Create a new Zap with the New Movie trigger event (This is an instant event that triggers when a new Movie is 100% rendered)
  2. Choose your Bannerbear account
  3. Test the trigger and continue building your zap to your preference

Delay - an alternative to creating a new zap

If you don't want to create a new zap, you could try using a delay ↗ after the request to Create Movie. This will give the movie some time to render before the zap continues.

Note: This is generally not recommended because if the delay is too short, it may cause the zap to continue before the animated GIF has been fully rendered.

  1. Add a new action
  2. Search for and select Delay by Zapier
  3. Choose Delay For from the Action Event drop-down menu
  4. Enter the time delay value
  5. Note: Minimum time is 1 minute
  6. Choose the time delay unit (minutes, hours, days, weeks)
  7. Test the zap and continue

Retrieve the completed Movie

By using the Webhooks by Zapier ↗ app, we can poll the /movies ↗ endpoint to retrieve the completed movie after the delay.

  1. Add a new zap and select Webhooks by Zapier
  2. Select GET under the Events drop-down menu and hit Continue
  3. Under URL, enter the /movies endpoint URL -{UID Here}
  4. Under Header, enter the Content-Type and Authorization as shown below

  5. Click Continue and test your zap for any issues

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