How do I create a screenshot via Zapier?

Sending the request

  1. Head to Zapier ↗ and hit Create Zap 
  2. Choose your Zap trigger
  3. Add a new action and select Create Screenshot
  4. Choose your Bannerbear account or enter your Project API key
  5. Enter the website URL that you wish to screenshot
  6. Enter the desired Width and Height (leave blank to capture full height)
  7. Pick either True or False if you'd like to Emulate a Mobile Device in your screenshot
  8. Test the action, review it, and continue if you're happy

Handling the response

Creating a screenshot via Zapier is synchronous ↗, meaning the zap will wait until your screenshot is done rendering before continuing. Your screenshot data will be ready to use in the next step of the zap.

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