How to Use One Airtable with Multiple Bannerbear Templates

May 2020


The Bannerbear Airtable integration enables users to push data Airtable to a Bannerbear template in order to generate an image. But what if you want to push the same data to multiple templates? Here's how!

Often we want to use the same Airtable data across multiple Bannerbear templates in order to generate images with different sizes or different designs, from the same underlying data e.g.

Landscape size:

Portrait size:

This process is actually the same as connecting to a single template, but with one small extra step that can make this workflow more efficient.

Connect your templates to your Airtable

Follow the tutorial here to learn how to connect Bannerbear to your Airtable data. You can connect any number of templates to the same Airtable sheet.

Add template columns in your Airtable

Here's where things get a little different.

When you connect your Airtable to a single Bannerbear template, you add a special column named bannerbear_image_url if you want your Airtable to be updated with the image url when Bannerbear generates images from your data.

When working with multiple templates, this convention wouldn't make sense because the column would keep getting overwritten with new images each time we imported to a different template.

So instead of one column named bannerbear_image_url we need to create multiple, unique columns for each template, to receive the different images that get generated from the same row of data.

Bannerbear tells you these unique column names in your template's Airtable settings page. The column names will be in the format bannerbear_image_url_templateID.

So if you are importing Airtable data into 3 different templates, your Airtable should have 3 columns to receive the generated image urls:

  1. bannerbear_image_url_templateID1
  2. bannerbear_image_url_templateID2
  3. bannerbear_image_url_templateID3

Where templateID1, templateID2 and templateID3 are the ids that Bannerbear specifies in the Expert section of each template.

Jon Yongfook@yongfook

Jon is the founder of Bannerbear. He has worked as a designer and programmer for 20 years and is fascinated by the role of technology in design automation and design efficiency. Jon is a digital nomad and can be found riding a motorcycle around Asia, lives out of Airbnbs and works from coworking spaces.

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