Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the API documentation?
The latest version of the API documentation can always be found at
Where do I get my API Key?
Each project has a different API Key which you can find inside your project under Settings / API Key
Why does the API respond with Unauthorized: Invalid API Key?

The API expects you to send an HTTP Header with every request in this format:

AuthorizationBearer Project_API_Key

Make note of the word "Bearer" which should appear before your Project API Key

Can I connect Airtable to multiple Bannerbear templates?
Yes you can, users often need to use the same Airtable data to generate different size images or push to different template designs. Learn more here
Can I invite people to collaborate with me on Bannerbear?
You can invite a designer to your project to help you with template design, or you can have a designer create templates in their own (free) account and then add the templates to your account - more info on this topic here: Working with a Designer
Template Editor
What is the difference between Image and Image Rectangle?
The Image object is for static images that you don't need to manipulate later in the API. This is useful for logos or branding that you want to keep the same in all of the generated images. Image Rectangle and Image Circle are for creating image containers that you want to be able to change later via the API.
What is the difference between Fit and Fill?
The Fit setting will resize an image to fit within the bounds of its container with no cropping. The Fill setting will expand an image to fill the whole container, which may result in some cropping depending on the dimensions of your container and the image you send into it. Generally-speaking, Fit is best for logos and Fill is best for photography.
Can I use my own custom fonts?
Yes you can! You can upload WOFF and OTF fonts to use in the template editor. Read more about Bannerbear custom fonts here.
Why is there a maximum size limit? Can I increase this?
The larger your canvas, the more CPU it requires when Bannerbear generates images. The size limit is there to ensure reliability of the platform. That said, we do understand some users have specific needs that require large canvases, if that's the case for you, please get in touch :)