Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics
What does Bannerbear do?
Bannerbear automatically generates individual banner assets for every page on your website, pulling in data from that page. For example it will pull in page titles, product prices, images and more to generate unique images for each page. You can then use these banner assets in your open graph tags, email newsletters, advertising campaigns and more - usually with an automated integration.
How does Bannerbear work?
Behind the scenes, Bannerbear pulls publicly-viewable data from your webpages, assembles the data into pre-designed templates and then renders those templates as an image. All of this happens in a matter of seconds, for each image you create.
Free Trial
Is there a free trial?
Yes there is a free trial, no credit card required. Simply sign up from the home page to try it out.
What can I do on the free trial?
The free trial is designed to give you an idea of what Bannerbear can do. There is no time limit. On the free trial you can add up to 15 pages from your website and render up to 20 images.
Importing Website Data
What data does Bannerbear import from my site?
By default, Bannerbear will attempt to auto-discover the following data from your pages: Title, Image, Product Price, Rating, Number of Reviews, Author Name, Reading Time. Of course, not all of these will be relevant depending on your website category and Bannerbear ignores the ones that aren't relevant (e.g. product price would not be relevant for non-ecommerce sites).
Why does Bannerbear need this?
This data is used in the images that Bannerbear generates.
What happens if Bannerbear cannot auto-detect data?
Since every website is slightly different, Bannerbear may not be able to auto-discover all the data it needs. In this case, you can tell Bannerbear specifically where on your pages to pull from using CSS Selectors.
How do I tell Bannerbear where to pull data from?
Bannerbear uses CSS Selectors to pull data from your pages. For example, if Bannerbear fails to auto-discover your product price and you know your product prices are located in tags named #the-product-price then you would tell Bannerbear to look in #the-product-price. You can adjust these settings in Design & Data Settings.
What happens if I change my website theme / template?
If the underlying HTML of your web pages changes while using Bannerbear, you may have to update the above CSS Selectors so that Bannerbear looks in the correct place.
Can Bannerbear import custom data?
Yes, using CSS Selectors you can tell Bannerbear to import any publicly-viewable data on your pages.
Integrating with Your Website
How do I get Bannerbear images to display on social media?
You need to integrate the Bannerbear code with your website. This can be found by clicking the "Get Plugin" button in your Bannerbear admin area.
What does the Bannerbear plugin code do?
There are two parts to the code. Firstly, the code contains the necessary open graph meta tags for social networks to display large image previews for your pages, plus a special image URL that points back to Bannerbear so we can serve the correct image. Secondly, the code contains some Javascript which includes some simple code that pings Bannerbear with your page urls. This is the "auto pilot" code — if it's on your page, Bannerbear will start generating previews automatically without you having to manually add the page urls to the admin panel.
How do I integrate with Shopify?
If you have authenticated with Shopify then Bannerbear offers a one-click integration. In the Bannerbear admin panel click "Get Plugin" and then hit the install button.
How do I integrate with Wordpress?
In the Bannerbear admin panel click "Get Plugin" and follow the instructions to copy & paste the code in your theme header.
How do I integrate with my custom website?
Bannerbear can integrate with any website, not just Shopify and Wordpress. In the Bannerbear admin panel click "Get Plugin" and follow the instructions to copy & paste the code in your website template.
Generating Images
How many preview images can I generate?
There is no limit on image creation. The paid plans have page limits, meaning you can only create up to a certain amount of pages. But the limits are generous - and if you need to increase the limit just reach out to us (support email in the footer).
How do I regenerate an image to overwrite an old one?
Click on the options (...) dropdown and choose "Regenerate".
Viewing on Social Media
Why are my preview images are not showing up on social media?
If your Bannerbear-generated images are not showing up on social media then you may not have integrated the code properly. The meta tags may be missing, or the image URL could be incorrect. We are happy to help with this at any time, simply reach out to us (support email in the footer).
Why is Twitter / Facebook etc showing an old version of a preview image?
There are two levels of caching that you should be aware of. Firstly there is a Bannerbear cache which you can clear at any time in Design & Data Settings > Admin > Clear Cache. Secondly there is a cache at the social network level. These you can manually clear using their developer tools, or you can wait for their cache to expire.