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Customers use Bannerbear to auto generate creative assets. This could be social media content, banner ad variations and more. Bannerbear helps small businesses save time, and helps large businesses rapidly scale their creative marketing.

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Bootstrapped & Profitable

Bannerbear is currently one year old and is a bootstrapped, profitable, open startup run by one person. I need your help to take Bannerbear into the next phase. In return, I can offer a flexible, remote work role that scales up and down as you need.

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About the Role

What is a Bannerbear Creator?


A Bannerbear Creator is an automation expert who gets paid to publish content and templates to our platform.


They have the ability to develop no-code solutions, write tutorials and / or design templates to pair with tutorials.


As a Creator it's your choice whether you focus on tutorials, template design, or a mix. You will be paid for both.



What does a Bannerbear Creator do? There are two areas of focus — tutorials and templates.

Tutorial Writing

Write instructions on how to use Bannerbear with Zapier, Integromat and other no-code tools.

  • 🧠 Think of scenarios to automate, for our customer segments
  • 🔧 Develop a no-code workflow in Zapier or Integromat
  • Write a step-by-step tutorial of how to create your workflow

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Template Design

Design re-usable templates in Bannerbear that other users can add to their own projects.

  • 🧠 Think of templates to design, for our customer segments
  • 🎨Design templates using the Bannerbear template editor
  • 🪄 Run the template through our internal testing tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to write tutorials and design templates?
Not at all. It is your choice which you focus on, or if you would like to work on a mix of both. We are flexible.
How much can I earn per month?
You will be paid based on the number of tutorials and / or templates you submit each month that get published. The payment amount per item is based on experience level and will be agreed upon before any work begins. There is a monthly cap of $1000 USD on monthly earnings per creator, unless mutually agreed otherwise. We are happy to raise this amount for creators whom we have established a good working relationship with.
How much time do I have to spend on this per month?
This is entirely up to you. However, we do expect creators to submit at least one tutorial OR one template per month to remain in the programme.

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